The Symptoms of Muscular Atrophy or Wasting Palsy

Begins with loss of strength in arms and legs; pain in the affected muscles; slight quivering of the muscles; most often commences in the upper extremities; generally begins with wasting of the muscles of the hand, the wasting extending to the arm and shoulder, and then to the whole body.

As pain is one of the first symptoms felt, the disease is often taken for rheumatism or neuralgia, its real character not being discovered till marked wasting has occurred.

The Cause of Muscular Atrophy or Wasting Palsy

Overuse of the muscles is probably the principal cause of this affection. It occurs most frequently in professional dancers, blacksmiths, athletes, and others who habitually practice great exercise of certain muscles.

The Treatment of Muscular Atrophy or Wasting Palsy

Galvanization and faradization of the affected muscles, hot and cold rubbing, hot sponging and massage applied to the affected parts. Galvanism and hot and cold applications to the spine are serviceable in some cases. Drugs are of no value.