The Symptoms of Paralysis Agitans or Shaking Palsy

Trembling in some portions of the body, usually the arm or leg; trembling ceases when asleep; diminished muscular power.

There are two forms of this affection. The symptoms given above describe the simple form of the malady, which seems to have no fatal tendency, and, in most cases, is curable by the use of proper remedies. In this form of the disease, the trembling does not generally extend very far beyond the part first attacked. In the more serious form of the affection, the trembling gradually extends from the part attacked until the whole body becomes affected; the patient assumes a stooping posture; general paralysis of the whole body supervenes, which finally leads to a fatal termination.

The Treatment of Paralysis Agitans or Shaking Palsy

The most effective measures of treatment are hot and cold applications to the spine, galvanization of the spine and muscles, together with the daily use of hot sponging the affected muscles. The general health should be improved by the use of tonic measures and a nutritious diet. These measures are generally effective, if perseveringly used, in the mild form of the affection, but accomplish nothing more than to retard the progress of the severer form, which is always fatal.