Pain in the chest may be stinging, burning, or lancinating in character; it may be dull and continuous, or sharp and only occurring at intervals. Patients also frequently complain of weight, oppression, constriction and tightness in the chest. Sharp pain is most often due either to neuralgia or pleurisy. Dull pain in the right or left side, beneath or between the shoulders, may be due to affections of the liver, spleen or stomach, as well as to pulmonary disease. A stinging or burning pain beneath the breast-bone is one of the symptoms of chronic bronchitis.

The Treatment of Pain in the Chest

The best remedy for pain in the chest is the application of hot fomentations once or twice a day; and if the pain is chronic, the application of a warm compress to be worn through the night. Extensive pain in the chest may require a chest pack. A stitch in the side and the acute pain of pleurisy are often very greatly mitigated by the application of a soft woolen bandage, drawn tightly about the chest, in such a way as to restrain the movement of the affected part in respiration. The same end may be reached by applying a large pitch plaster or several adhesive strips over the affected part.