This is a condition in which the mucous membrane of the rectum or the whole bowel is pressed out by means of straining at stool. It occurs most often in children and in persons suffering with hemorrhoids.

The Treatment of Prolapsus of the Rectum - Falling of the Bowel

Keep the bowels soft by a relaxing diet and enemas of linseed tea or milk and water. Have the patient relieve the bowels in a horizontal posture, with the hips supported over the edge of a vessel. Drawing the anus to one side by traction with the hand upon the fleshy portion of the hip is a good measure for prevention. Bathing the prolapsed part with cold water several times a day is also a useful measure. If the rectum does not retract of itself at the end of defecation, it should be replaced by pressure with the fingers over a thin cloth smeared with vaseline or some other fine unguent.