This disease is responsible for a large number of deaths following confinement, and a great multitude of chronic, diseased conditions, by which women who have suffered from it are crippled and maimed, many times for life. It is now pretty generally conceded that severe fever following confinement is generally the result of absorption into the system of some of the products of the decomposition taking place in the generative passages. Having gained access to the blood, the diseased germs multiply in great numbers and soon pervade the whole system. In addition to the general fever, inflammations of the womb or its surrounding tissues and the ovary and other organs are very likely to occur, leaving adhesions, consolidations, abscesses, indurations, etc.

The Treatment of Puerperal Fever

The best treatment of this disease is prevention. If the parts are thoroughly washed out two or three times a day with a disinfectant lotion, by means of a syphon syringe, the thorough cleansing being kept up continuously until the lochial discharge has entirely ceased, there is little chance for the germs of disease to find an entrance into the system, and puerperal fever will not be likely to occur. A physician attending one case of the disease will be very likely to convey it to other patients whom he may visit. The fever should be treated on the general principles laid down for the treatment of fever elsewhere.