The Symptoms of Tetanie

Thumbs drawn into the palms with fingers flexed over them; hands bent at wrist: toes contracted; feet extended: arms and legs rigid: muscles of the jaws and back not affected; often spasm of the glottis, causing croupy symptoms: atatacks intermittent, attended by severe pain: spine not affected.

This disease in some respects resembles tetanus, but it is by no means so grave an affection. It is unattended by fever, and the contractions are not continuous, which distinguishes it from inflammation of the brain. The principal cause of this disease is irritability of the nerve centers, induced by a nervous organization, and the irritation of indigestion. It is most apt to occur in the first three years of life.

The Treatment of Tetanie

The disease is rarely fatal, is almost always relieved by a long-continued warm bath. A hot blanket pack may be used instead of a warm bath, with advantage.