Rest, good food, transfusion of blood or milk.

The first thing essential in the treatment of acute anaemia resulting from severe hemorrhage is rest. The patient should be placed at once in a horizontal position and kept so for some time, if there is the least tendency to syncope, or fainting, whenever he attempts to sit up or walk. After a large hemorrhage, absolute rest should be required of the patient, even if he does not experience premonitory symptoms of fainting when in an erect position. It is very important that this point should be recollected, as in many cases patients have died from sudden paralysis of the heart in consequence of standing upon their feet or walking after a severe hemorrhage. Sometimes the patient must be confined in bed not only for a few days but for several weeks. On account of there having been so great loss of blood, every means should of course be taken to increase the patient's nutrition. He should be given an abundance of wholesome food prepared in a manner easy of assimilation. Tonic treatment, particularly the use of electricity and massage, is of very great value. In severe cases of hemorrhage, in which the patient's life has been seriously threatened, and in other cases in which the urgency of the case is not so great, blood has been injected into the veins of the patient by the process known as transfusion. Both human blood and the blood of animals, have been employed for this purpose.

Although the process of transfusion is attended with considerable danger, there is no doubt that many lives have been saved by it. When the blood of the lower animals is used, a peculiar and even dangerous disturbance of the system follows; and in case the amount of blood injected is quite large, inflammation of the kidneys occurs. These results are said not to occur when human blood is employed and injected in a proper manner. Very recently the injection of warm, fresh cows milk has been employed by Dr. Thomas of New York and others, and, as it is claimed, with the most favorable results. This process can of course be used only by expert surgeons.