The Symptoms of Waxy Degeneration Of The Kidneys

Gradually increasing loss of strength; lassitude; great thirst; unusual quantity of urine; albumen in the urine; cloudy sediment, which is composed of tube casts; urine very dark colored and yellowish brown; enlargement of the liver and spleen; dropsy of the abdomen, or general dropsy; sometimes watery diarrhea; symptoms of uremic poisoning,

This disease is very similar in its course to the preceding. It occurs most often in persons who have long suffered from syphilis, consumption, or a prolonged discharge, as from chronic abscess or bone disease, which may be considered as the chief cause of this affection. On examination after death the kidney is found to be enlarged, hard, and heavy. When cut, it has a waxy appearance, from which the disease has derived its name.

The Treatment of Waxy Degeneration Of The Kidneys

The treatment is the same as for fatty degeneration.