The Symptoms of Floating Kidney

Movable tumor of the size and shape of the. kidney, usually felt below the ribs on the right side.

This disease, although not very frequent, is occasionally met with, especially in large hospitals. We happen to have at the present time a patient under treatment, who is afflicted with this difficulty on both sides, although it almost invariably occurs on the right side only. It is chiefly caused by frequent child-bearing, or by severe jarring, as from a fall. It is most common in women. As no particular harm arises from the movable condition of the kidney, the organ performing its functions as well as when it remains stationary in its proper place, no special treatment is required; in fact, there is no remedy of very great value for this peculiar affection. The wearing of the abdominal bandage is to be recommended, however, as it sometimes relieves the patient of the slight discomfort which is occasionally felt