Demonstration No. 2. - "Now, Doctor Blank, I want you to hypnotize the next man. I want you to convince yourself that your suggestions are just as efficacious as mine.

"See, I have tacked these printed suggestions upon the wall, over the chair that the man will occupy here. I will give him the pre-hypnotic suggestion for you. By this I convert him into a hypnotic subject. I talk him into willingness to sit in that chair and let the medicine have its effect, while you carry him, by reading those suggestions on that wall, into a deeper state of suggestibility. Bring in another man, please." (Another subject is brought in.)

A Pre-Hypnotic Suggestion Given

"Take that seat, and I will explain to you what I am doing and what I want with you. Do you see this little bottle of medicine? I am introducing to the physicians here a remedy to cure headache, quiet nervousness, relieve pain, etc. It is applied by rubbing it on the forehead just as you see me do here. It must be applied in a certain way to get results. The physician here knows how to apply it. I have explained to him that it is important to get his patient to conform to certain conditions in order that the medicine will produce results that are expected. That is what I will show you. I want you to sit in this chair, and let the doctor apply this to you just as if you had a headache and he were going to relieve it for you. Now look at me. I want you to sit in this chair as you see me, relax every muscle, close your eyes lightly, and breathe through your mouth. Then when the physician here applies this remedy, you will soon get quiet all over, and get drowsy and sleepy, and go to sleep, and awake feeling better. Now, I want to ask you, don't resist it - just sit here and allow the medicine to have its effect.

Take this seat."

"Proceed to apply the medicine, Doctor." (Rubbing "the medicine" on his head on either side, the physician read the following suggestions in a conversational tone, with a low monotone, affirmative voice) :

Suggestions To Induce Hypnosis

"You close your eyes lightly. Breathe through your mouth. Think of going to sleep. As I apply this remedy you will soon get quiet all over, and get drowsy and sleepy, and go to sleep, and awake feeling better.

"I will talk to you to help you concentrate your mind.

"Now, as I rub this on your head you will get sleepy, sleepy, sleepy, so-o-o-o sleepy. Now, go to sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep. Now, you feel quiet all over. Your muscles are relaxed. Everything is dark to you. You do not hear anything but my voice. You are feeling quiet from your head clear down to your feet. You feel a torpor all over your body. Your arms and limbs are so-o-o-o heavy. You are drowsy and sleepy, so-o-o-o sleepy. You feel the sleep coming over you; you are going to sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep.

"By the time I count ten you will be fast asleep. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten - and you are asleep, fast asleep, sound asleep.

"By the time I count five more you will be sound asleep and dead asleep, just as you are in the dead of night when you are at home in your bed. One, two, three, four, five, and you are asleep.

fast asleep, sound asleep, dead asleep. Don't awake, now, until I tell you.

"Every second your sleep will become sounder and sounder, and deeper and deeper. You now see what a quiet, sweet experience you are having. You are having a quiet, refreshing sleep. Sleep perfectly quiet until I awake you.

"Now, you will not feel anything, or hear anything, or know anything, except what I tell you. Sleep, sleep, sleep - quiet, refreshing sleep. Sleep perfectly quiet until I awake you. Every second your sleep will become sounder and sounder, deeper and deeper. Sleep on quietly until I awake you."

I then proceeded: "Now, Doctor, hold up this man's arm and suggest to him that when you count three it will be stiff - so stiff that he can not take it down." (The arm staying there as suggested indicated that the individual was in a suggestible condition.) "Now, take hold of his wrist, Doctor, and say to him, 'Your arm will come down now.'

"You notice that arm came down with a wax-like resistance - no volition exercised by him at all. When I feel that wax-like resistance as I make the 'arm-test,' I am quite sure that I can produce anesthesia by suggestion.

"Doctor, suggest to him that his arm will be dead when you rub the medicine on it three times - that it will be perfectly dead and have no feeling in it at all. You see, gentlemen, after that suggestion I am able to thrust a pin through his arm without the slightest evidence of pain."

(Doctor Blank asks if any other part of the body can be rendered anesthetic by suggestion, and if it is not a fact that the back of the arm is neither very sensitive nor vascular.) "All right, rub some of this medicine on his lower lip and suggest that when you rub it three times it will be dead and have no feeling in it. Notice this, please, gentlemen." (Thrusting a pin through his lower lip from outside to inside an inch through the lip.) "You see it does not bleed, even on the inner surface of his lip."

No place, except the eye, is more sensitive than the lip, and no place in the body is more vascular. As to why this does not bleed, I will refer later on in my lecture. It is supposed to be the influence exerted by suggestion upon the coaptation of the neurons.

Upon one occasion, in the presence of the faculty of the medical department of one of our state universities, and of at least one hundred physicians and three hundred medical students, I thrust a steel hat pin through the cheeks of three hypnotized subjects. Then I requested a noted surgeon present to name one man's face that should bleed, and bleed more than just a few drops, and that I would remove the pin from the faces of the other two men without bleeding, while this man's face would bleed. The experiment was a perfect success. I made the same experiment again, in the presence of a local medical society.