Melaleuca Leucadendron, Linne' var. Cajeputi, var. minor, +. The volatile oil distilled from the fresh leaves and twigs, and rectified by steam (distillation.)

Habitat. E. India Islands, Celebes, Bouro, Amboyna, Moluccas, Philippines, Cochin China, Australia.

Syn. Kayu-putu, White Tree (Wood), Pepperbark; Ol. Cajup., Cajuput Oil, Oil of Cajeput, Oleum Cajeputi; Fr. Huile (Essence) de Cajeput; Ger. Cajeput ol.

Mel-a-leu'ca. L. fr. Gr...., black + ..., white, -- i.e., bark of the trunk is blackish, that of the branches is whitish.

Leu-ca-den'dron. L. fr. Gr...., white, + ..., a tree -- i.e., general appearance of the tree.

Caj-e-pu'ti (better Caj-u-pu'ti). L. fr. Malay, kayu, tree, + putih, white -- i.e., appearance of the branches.

Mi'hor. L. Minor, minus, less, smaller -- i.e., plant smaller than other species, also smaller flower-heads and leaves.


Small trees, 9-12 M. (30-40 degrees) high; bark gray, brittle, splitting into thin layers; leaves 5-10 Cm. (2-4') long, blade twisted, lanceolate; flowers 5-7.5 Cm. (2-3') long, greenish to whitish, silky, pubescent, spikes; fruit woody, hard, sessile, dehiscing into 3 valves.


Volatile oil, mucilage, pectin.

Oleum Cajuputi. Oil of Cajuput. -- This oil, obtained by water or steam distillation, is a colorless, yellowish (greenish -- usually due to copper) liquid, peculiar, agreeable, distinctly camphoraceous (cineol) odor, aromatic, slightly bitter taste, soluble in 1 vol. of 80 p.c. alcohol, sp. gr. 0.918, levorotatory; contains 50-67 p.c. of cineol (cajuputol, eucalyptol), CHO, also the alcohol terpineol, CHOH, several terpenes -- l-pinene, etc., valeric and benzoic aldehydes, which upon oxidation impart acid reaction.  It is imported mostly from Celebes (macassar), Bouro (islands), some from Singapore, Java, Manila, in emptied beer and wine bottles, 25-packed in a crate, or in copper cans (rare).  Should be kept cool, dark, in well-stoppered, amber-colored bottles.  Dose, mij-10 (.13-.6 cc.), emulsion, pill, on sugar; externally in liniments.


Copper from shipping cans (rare), many cheaper oils, as camphor, rosemary, turpentine (French turpentine, owing to its l-pinene, being difficult to detect), also these sometimes colored with resin of milfoil, all rendering action with iodine more violent.


(Unoff.): Spiritus Cajuputi (Br.), 10 p.c., dose, mv-20 (.3-1.3 cc.).


Same as oil of clove; carminative, stimulant, diaphoretic, vermifuge, parasiticide, rubefacient, counter-irritant.


Rheumatism, myalgia, spasmodic affections of the stomach and bowels, catarrh of bladder, low fevers, gout, colic, cholera morbus, dysmenorrhea, laryngitis, bronchitis, toothache, chilblains.