Pista'cia Lentis'cus, Mastiche, Mastic, F N. -- The concrete resinous exudation with not more than 1 p.c. of foreign organic matter; Mediterranean Basin (Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, Greece, etc.), Island of Scio, Grecian Archipelago, etc. Small tree, 3-4.6 M. (10-15 degrees) high, branched, bark smooth, brownish-gray; leaves paripinnate; leaflets 3-5 pairs, lanceolate, entire, mucronate, sessile; flowers small, dioecious; fruit drupe, 6 Mm. (1/4') thick, orange-red. Resin (mastic), subglobular, lenticular pear-shaped tears, 3 Mm. (1/8') broad, pale yellow, greenish-yellow, transparent, glass-like luster, surface sometimes dusty, brittle, plastic when chewed; odor slight balsamic; taste mild, terebinthinate; loses platicity and deepens in color with age. Secretes in long ducts in the bark from which it is obtained by making longitudinal or transverse incisions in stem and branches, whereupon it slowly exudes, becoming within 2-3 weeks sufficiently hard to be collected carefully in soft-lined baskets. There are two varieties: 1, Separate tears (best, recognized by N.F.); 2, Agglutinated tears (allowed to run to the ground, often collected with sand, bark, etc. -- inferior); yield 10 pounds (4.5 Kg.), per plant; solvents: chloroform, not less than 97 p.c. in ether, nor less than 80 p.c. in alcohol; contains volatile oil 1-2 p.c., alpha-resin (mastic(h)ic acid) 90 p.c., beta-resin (masticin), soluble in ether, oil of turpentine, bitter principle. Stimulant, diuretic, protective (solution); bronchial, vesical catarrhs, leucorrhea, gastric debility, chronic diarrhea, toothache (saturated ethereal solution in cavity allowed to harden -- temporary filling), masticatory (preserves teeth) fumigation; in alcohol, oil of turpentine as varnish for maps, etc.; seldom used internally. Dose, gr. 15-30 (1-2 Gm.); 1. Pilulae Aloes et Mastiches, 2/3 gr. (.04 Gm.); 2. Solutio Mastiches Chloroformica Composita, Pulp Capping Varnish, 30 p.c., + balsam of Peru 30, chloroform q.s. 100 -- should be kept in small, well-stoppered bottles.