Asafoetida. A mildly stimulating nerve sedative, somewhat antispasmodic, and is sedative to the mucous membranes. In large doses (tr. 30 I., U. S. P. Pi1ulae asafcetid;e, 2 or 3 pills; U. S. P. Emulsum asafoetide, 4 fK, or enema of 2 or 3 times this amount) it is employed in spasmodic and hysterical conditions with tympanites. It has sedative properties valuable in reflex and spasmodic coughs and some cases of la grippe. In small doses it has no established place in therapeutics, although it is asserted to relieve the throbbing nightly pain of caries and periostitis. One grain pills given to a nursing mother twice a day will ofttimes relieve the colic of the babe.