Buchu (sometimes called by its botanical name Barosma). This agent very gently but effectively stimulates the kidneys, increasing the elimination of both the solid and aqueous constituents. On the other hand, when debility of the urinary organs gives rise to a mere transudation of insipid or excessive volume of urine, buchu will tone the organs and reduce the excessive flow. In irritable states of the bladder it is one of the more certain remedies, a little belladonna combining well with it in such cases. In long-standing cases and especially in those following gonorrhea or gleet combine with it the tincture of the chloride of iron. (F.e., 10 to 60 I.) Probably the best preparation of buchu is the infusion. Macerate a tablespoonful of the leaves in half a pint of boiling water. A fluidounce or more of this infusion may be given three times a day.