Cocainae Hydrochlorium. Dose, 1-16 to 1/2 gr. Always begin with small dose. Never apply over 2-3 grain at anyone time to a mucous surface. Local uses-In eye, nose, and throat, 1 to 5% solution, and, in extreme instances, 10% if to small area. Carefully, with children. Urethra and bladder, 1/2 to 4%. Ointments, 3 to 5 gr. to 3. Vomiting of pregnancy, 5% to cervix. Hay fever, I to 4% solution with cotton applicator. Hypodermically about teeth, I or 2%. Schleich.s infiltration anesthesia, gr. 1/2 to gr. 8 to fKi. Rarely indicated in solution stronger than 5% for anything. Its internal employment is fraught with so much danger from many points of view that such uses as have been advocated are wisely passed by in the work of the careful practician.