Gold. In ancient medical practice gold was used in scrofulous, and, somewhat more recently, in syphilitic diseases. Modern practicians have held that it is of especial value in syphilis in subjects of a scrofulous constitution. It is employed in secondary syphilis or to take the place of mercury. The 2X and 3X triturations of Aurum metallicum are convenient and effective.

Aurum arsenicum, in 3x trituration, is useful in syphilitic headaches, is said to increase appetite, and to benefit chlorosis.

Auric chloride is alterative and antitubercular and useful in sclerotic and exudative nerve degenerations. Used in 1-50 gr. doses, and by the homeopaths in 2X trituration.

Aurum and sodium chloride is alterative and nervine and of much value in doses of 1-24 to 1-6 gr., in nervous exhaustion, the early stages of Bright's disease, dipsomania, syphilis, and chronic diarrhea. It is quite toxic, and small doses are to be preferred. The homeopaths call it Aurum muriaticum natronatum, and use 2X and 3x triturations in much the same indications, but also in ovarian and uterine lesions of a chronic nature.

Aurum iodide, in 1-60 to 1-12 gr. doses, is a useful alterative in scrofula. The 3X and 4X triturations are employed in arterio-sclerosis and senile paresis. Aurum sulphuratum is used in 3x for paralysis agitans. In general, it can be said that gold and its salts are of decided value. When we consider that gold is similar to mercury in its alterative effects and combines with this nerve tonic and general restorative influences, its value can be well understood. The homeopaths have gone more into its detailed study than has the regular school, and I know they have obtained highly satisfactory results with it in practice.