Kalmia Latifolia, Mountain Laurel. This plant possesses slight toxic influences due to andrometoxin. It is an alterative with mild sedative properties and may, with advantage, enter into vegetable alterative mixtures used in glandular troubles and as an adjuvant to specific treatment in secondary syphilis. It has some slight reputation in the treatment of cardiac hypertrophy. The homeopaths value it in painful rheumatic affections and facial neuralgia, and use it more or less in "tobacco heart." In my own experience, it has acted markedly as a sedative, but seems to possess no advantages over veratrum except in nerve pain. As an alterative it cannot be pushed to the point usually necessary without unduly slowing the pulse. Ec. tr., 0 to 5 I.; @, 3 to 15 I. Be careful with large doses.