Anhalonium, a species of dwarf cactus known as the mescale button. Full doses act upon the nerve centers, increasing reflexes, and hence large doses should not be given to nervous patients.

In moderate doses (f.e., 2 to 10 111.) its action is somewhat similar to aconite at first administration, but this is soon followed by a "glow" in the extremities due to a free capillary circulation. This is followed by slight drowsiness and sometimes by natural sleep. The agent is a very promising one, and is worthy of employment in angina pectoris, dyspnea, and in cardiac feebleness. In small doses (f.e., I I.) it is of value in brain-fog due to disturbed capillary circulation and accompanied by mild delirium and flashes of light. This is a good remedy for men under stress of business who lose sleep and smoke to excess, become irritable, have lapses of memory, and become worse as soon as they close the eyes and try to sleep. In these cases give I to 3 drop doses every hour or two and 5 drops when retiring. Men of plethoric habit may require larger doses.