Leptandra, Culver's Root. This agent is cholagogue, laxative, and alterative, and stimulates the portal circulation. In malarial and jaundiced conditions it is a very superior laxative, but its fluid preparations are so disagreeable to the taste and so readily precipitate that it is usually best to use Leptandrin, either pure or preferably in IX trituration; Merck's leptandrin, I to 5 gr.; or the homeopathic Ix in 5 to 30 gr. doses; solid extract, 3 to 8 gr. Leptandra is more markedly tonic than are most of the alterative cholagogues. It takes very considerable doses to be distinctly purgative. It is a good laxative for children who respond nicely to leptandrin IX. It is in small and continued doses that this agent is most useful. In jaundiced malarial conditions with indigestion, capsules containing leptandrin, quinine, and hydrastis in proper doses give most happy results.