Lilium Tigrinum, Tiger Lily. The pollen and bulbs of various species of lily have long been known to be somewhat toxic. Among the aborigines and in domestic practice they have justly been esteemed as useful remedies in various uterine conditions, and so much evidence in their favor has accumulated that we will here consider the most representative agent of the class. Where uterine or ovarian engorgement or congestion gives rise to reflex neuralgias, headache, or nausea, tiger lily is a useful agent. These are chronic conditions, and the remedy must be used for several weeks at least. It gives results in proper cases combined with adequate local attention. The ec. tr. is given in I to 5 I. doses, four times a day, for two to four months. The dilutions used by the homeopaths are inadequate in practice, although their indications are quite suggestive. The physiologic action has never been adequately worked out, so far as I can learn.