Linimentum, Aconiti et Chloroformi N. F., a useful but toxic anodyne embrocation. Ammonia, U. S. P., a stimulant anodyne. Belladonna?, U. S. P., an anodyne. Camphora, or "Camphorated Oil" (2% camphor), anodyne and rubefacient. Cantharidis (15% in turpentine), a counter-irritant to be used with care. Calcis, U. S. P., or "Carron Oil," for bums. Chloroformi, U. S. P. (30% ), anodyne. Iodi, N. F. (120% ), discutient. Plumbi subacetatis (35%), anti-phlogistic. Saponis, U.S. P. (6% soap, 40% camphor), stimulant, rubefacient. Saponis mollis, U. S. P., formerly known as "Tincture of Green Soap," used in surgery and dermatology. Stillingia compo (eclectic; made of ol. stillingia, I K; 01, cajeput, 1/2 f: K; 01. lobelia, 2 f3; alcohol, 2 f:K), a powerful stimulant and relaxant used in chest affections, croup, sprains, and spasmodic affections. Terebinthinae, U.S.P., counter-irritant rubefacient. Terebinthinae aceticum, N. F., "Stokes' or St. John Long's Liniment," antineuralgic.