Sinapis, Mustard. Both white and black mustard are emetic in doses of I or 2 teaspoonfuls, and are used as counterirritants. In small amounts are used as condiments. Thiosinamine is the active principle of black mustard, and is valuable in the gradual removal of scar tissue or low-grade connective tissue; as in corneal opacities, urethral stricture, visceral and connective-tissue adhesions, and chronic glandular tumors. Reference was made under "Silicea" to indurations. When tolerated well by the stomach thiosinamine is more active in such removal than is silicea. but it is not adapted to suppuration. Half gr. doses in capsule, tablet triturate, or solution, three times a day.

Gradually increase doses to I or 10 gr.

See thiosinamine under heading "Sinapis."