Zinc Salts, Zinci Acetas, used externally as an astringent and antiseptic (2 to 5:1000 solution) in gonorrhea, conjunctivitis, etc. Occasionally used as a nervine in 0 to 2 gr. doses. Rademacher's solution is used in 5 I. doses in water, three times a day, as a nerve tonic for persons under strain and losing sleep. Bromidum. employed in epilepsy, in I or 2 gr. doses, well diluted. Carbonas pracipitatus, a dermic, used in abrasions and in face powders. Chloridum, used externally as a caustic in nevi, exuberant granulation, and to cancerous growths. In solution, I :1000, is used in gonorrhea and eye troubles; upon wounds, 1:100; tuberculous joints, I :10. Internally in 1-10 gr. doses in epilepsy, chorea, etc. Iodidum, an alterative antiseptic, used in doses of I or 2 gr. Metallicum, a homeopathic triturate, used in 3X, in defective nerve vitality with impending paralysis, spinal affections, hypochondriasis, etc. Oxidum, an antispasmodic, antiseptic, and mild sedative, used in diarrhea, gastro-enteritis, gastralgia, etc., in doses of I to 5 gr. Externally, in 5 to 20% ointment, in skin diseases requiring desiccation and protection. The pure powder may also be used externally. Phosphide, a nerve tonic in 1-20 to 1/4 gr. doses, and used homeopathically in neuralgias of head and face, brain fag, sleeplessness, etc. 2X and 3x triturations. Phenolsulphonas, or sulphocarbolate, an antiseptic astringent, used in 0 to 1% solution externally, and in I to 3 gr. doses internally, in typhoid, diarrhea, etc. Stearas, an antiseptic dusting powder. Sulphas, an emetic, in I5 gr. doses. Externally, in 0 to 2% solution, or 5 to 10% ointment as an astringent. The homeopaths use minute doses in muscular cramps and convulsive disorders. Valeras, an antispasmodic tonic used in nervous affections, neuralgia, and diabetes insipidus, in doses of I to 3 gr.