Extracts are soft solid or powdered preparations made by evaporating a solution of the soluble ingredients of vegetable drugs at a low temperature.

For preparations included in this list see:

Extractum Aloes, under Aloe.

Extractum Belladonnae Foliorum, under Belladonnae Folia.

Extractum Cannabis Indicae, under Cannabis Indica.

Extractum Colocynthidis and Extractum Colocynthidis

Compositum, under Colocynthis.

Extractum Gentianae, under Gentiana

Extractum  Nux Vomicae, under Nux Vomica.

Extractum   Opii, under Opium.

Extractum  Rhamni Purshianae, under Rhamnus Purshiana.

Extractum   Rhei, under Rheum.