This is prepared in the usual way; but Venice turpentine is often used to kill the quicksilver more speedily, as it does not interfere with its veterinary uses. Strong Mercurial Ointment. 1. Quicksilver 16 oz., Venice turpentine 2 oz.; rub together till the metal is killed, then add 16 oz. of lard.

2. Quicksilver 16 oz., liquid styrax 5 drs., lard 3 oz.; triturate until the metal disappears, and add 12 oz. more lard. - Cressent. Weaker Mercurial Ointment. 1. Strong mercurial ointment

1 part, lard 2 parts.

2. Quicksilver 2 oz., balsam of sulphur 1/2 oz.; rub together till the globules disappear, and add 6 oz. of lard.

- Taplin. Compound Mercurial Ointment. Mercurial ointment 1 part, soft soap 2 parts. - V.C.