This variety of Pneumonia, sometimes called false pneumonia, more generally affects old people, and not unfrequently terminates in complete paralysis of the lungs. The symptoms at first are those of an ordinary cold. The cough is generally moist, the expectoration white, yellow and slimy, sometimes streaked with blood; pressure, stinging and burning sensation in the chest, increased on going up-stairs, or turning to either side. The fever, if present at all, is generally slight.


Arnica is a valuable remedy, where there is a bruised sensation in the chest, slight cough, with blood-streaked, slimy expectoration.


Three drops in a tumbler of water, a tablespoonful every three or four hours.


Increase of symptoms at night, great heat in the chest, violent racking cough and expectoration of dingy-reddish mucus.

Veratrum And Ars

If there are cold extremities and rapid prostration.


Flushed face, short, dry cough and difficult breathing.

Stibium - If there be a great accumulation of mucus in the bronchial tubes.


If the symptoms are urgent, give the above remedies, prepared like the Arnica, every half an hour increasing the intervals to three or four hours.

Phosphorus and Stibium may also be indicated. See Pneumonia. For other symptoms see also pneumonia.

Diet And Regimen

If much fever is present, the same as in Pneumonia, otherwise articles of a more nourishing character, such as, broth, etc.