Beef Serum or muscle juice, is really an organic ex-tract. It is best prepared by adding to chopped round steak enough water to cover it. This is then allowed to stand one or two hours, and the whole is then expressed through a large lemon or meat squeezer. The liquid so prepared is then kept on the ice and administered in one or two tablespoonful doses, salted if desired.

Beef Juice is prepared by slightly heating round steak in the broiler, then expressing the juice from it with a meat or lemon squeezer. This does not represent the nutritive properties of meat serum, but is nutritious. The blood thus expressed should, of course, be kept on ice, and served salted, as desired.

Beef Tea is prepared by covering a pound of chopped beef with a half pint of water, allowing it to stand for an hour, then heating it gradually to a little less than the boiling point. Add salt and pepper and serve as required. This is more stimulant than nutritious. Beef teas may, of course, be prepared from beef extracts.