( Bichloride, Corrosive Sublimate, Bichloride of Mercury.)


Metallic taste, burning in the mouth, oesophagus and stomach, colicky pains and vomiting. Pulse weak, rapid and irregular, convulsions, coma, collapse.

If death, in a half hour to ten days.

Chemical Antidote

Raw eggs, and wash out the stomach with warm water. Then give albumin water and again empty the stomach.


Keep up the body temperature with dry heat applications. Use morphine hypodermatically for the pain. Counteract the depression with strychnine hypodermatically. Should there be insufficient response to this give one c. c. of adrenalin or suprarenale solution (1 to 1,000) intramuscularly, and follow with atropine hypo-dermatically. If stimulation must be kept up, use a saturated solution of camphor in olive oil, one c. c, intramus cularly pro re nata until such time as strychnine may be repeated with safety. Allay the thirst and soothe the mucous membranes by the unrestricted use of anv demul cent liquid that may be desired. Milk, albumin water and starch water arc suitable.


Discolored gums, salivation, multiple neuritis.