As already mentioned, fluctuations of the blood pH value in the alkaline area - which is generally preceded by a massive acidification of the tissue - give support for the upward development of the symbionts toward parasitic germination, the cause or support for diseases.

It is nowadays beyond argumentation that most of civilization's diseases are conditioned by our poor nutritional habits. The unhealthy lifestyle of human beings through inappropriate nutrition with excessive ingestion of proteins makes one acidified in the actual sense of the word. The accompanying manifestations today's civilization diseases are always a mesenchymal acidosis with a simultaneously excessively raised alkaline blood pH value, a pathological acidity quotient, according to Sander, along with an extremely low defensive factor. These are sure criteria for a metabolic derailment, with the danger of an acute or chronic disease.

Merely by changing one's nutrition, healthy human beings can expect a balanced acid-base maintenance by choosing a lacto-vegetarian diet. As a supportive measure for the restoration of the acid-base equilibrium, ALKALA N is the perfect treatment. For excessive acidification of the gastro-intestinal tract with its consequences, such as heartburn and gas. It is important to note that all products are calibrated to be in balance with one another.

CITROKEHL brings regulatory action into cell respiration and acid-base management, by acting against the alkalosis of the blood.

SANUVIS is an additional preparation for regulating the pH value of the blood and tissue, with L (+) lactic acid as its active constituent. The specialty of SANUVIS lies in the various potencies which are brought together within the preparation. The lower potencies serve the raising of cellular breathing, while the higher potencies serve the elimination of excessive lactic acid concentrations, especially of the nonphysiological D-(-) lactic acid.

Organ Preparations

THYMOKEHL activates the metabolism, stimulates the prestages of the T- lymphocytes to maturation and strengthens the immune system.

CHRYSOCOR, a human placenta hydrolysate, contains biogenic stimulators that enter actively into the metabolism by raising the cellular respiration.

REBAS, an organ extract of Peyer's Patches that stimulates the B- and T-lymphocytes, thus strengthening the humoral defenses, and supporting the body in the maintenance or establishment of an intact immune system.

Plant Extracts

Plant extracts are an ideal and necessary support therapy, especially since this entire homeopathic/isopathic product line (fungal, mineral and trace elements, bacterial, herbal, organ, etc.)is calibrated to be in perfect balance with one another to achieve best results.

CERIVIKEHL promotes blood flow through the mucous membranes; it has, additionally, a regulatory influence on pathogens in the gastro-intestinal area.

GINKGOBAKEHL is based on the active constituent complex of the leaves of the Ginkgo tree, this is well known from Asian folk medicine.

In RELIVORA Complex, the active substance concentrations of Drosera, Echinacea angustifoliaand Juglansare ideally combined for best efficacy. Diseases of the respiratory tract, frequent general infections and diseases of the skin are a broad field for application for the RELIVORA Complex.

EPISCORIT is a herbal homeopathic immuno-stimulant, made from Echinacea purpureaexpressed juice.

LUFFASAN, OKOUBASAN and USNEABASAN are also herbal homeopathic remedies. LUFFASAN, from the fruits of Luffa operculata, a sort of pumpkin, is used in homeopathy mainly for allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis. The remedy also regulates the function of the whole intestinal system, and it raises the energy (Chi) of the kidneys. USNEABASAN, made from the lichen Usnea barbata, is predominantly used for illnesses in the head area (headaches, sunstroke) and together with LUFFASAN for the elimination of heavy metals, while OKOUBASAN, from the tree bark of Okoubaka aubrevillei, finds its application in detoxifying the gastro-intestinal tract, in cases of food intolerance or, prophylactically, for changes in climate and nutrition. Besides, there are many areas of application for patients who are stressed through pesticides, insecticides, environmental disturbances. These are excellent preparations for detoxification of the entire system - especially effective in the early stages of colds and flu.

With these three herbal homeopathic remedies the following "SANUM Elimination Cure", an efficient elimination therapy for heavy metals, toxins, and metabolic waste products can be performed.

Mineral and Trace Element Preparations

An important factor for the maintenance of our health lies in providing the body with necessary mineral and trace elements. Regulatory processes in the organism, which are the precondition for a regulated metabolic process, cannot take their course without a stable electrolyte equilibrium of ions, such as Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium.

The trace elements, which according to their name are needed by the body in only very small amounts, enter catalytically into the metabolic processes. Without the presence of these "Bio-catalysts" - including Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Cobalt, Iodine and Fluor - many processes that are essential for life cannot take their course, such as the action of the heart.

These mineral and trace element preparations are offered for a broad application spectrum: ALKALA N(Na, K), MAPURIT(Mg), SELENOKEHL(Se), ZINKOKEHL(Zn), and CUPRUKEHL(Cu), and, of course, they are calibrated to a perfectly balanced total therapy with all the aforementioned products.