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Guide to the Examination of Urine.

For the Use of Physicians and Students. With Colored Plate and Numerous Illustrations Engraved on Wood. Ninth Edition, Revised. 276 pages. 12mo. Cloth, $1.25

*r*A French translation of this book has been published in Paris.

Handbook of Physical Diagnosis.

Third Edition, Revised and Enlarged. With Colored and other Illustrations. 278 pages. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50

Cell Doctrine.

Its History and Present State. Second Edition. Cloth, $1.50

United States Pharmacopoeia.

Seventh Decennial Revision. Cloth, $2.50 (Postpaid, $2.77); Sheep, $3.00 (Postpaid, $3.27); Interleaved, $4.00 (Postpaid, $4.50). Printed on one side of page only, unbound, $3.50 (Postpaid, $3.90).

Select Tables from the U. S. P.

Ulzer and Fraenkel. Introduction to Chemical-Technical Analysis.

By Prof. F. Ulzer and Dr. A. Fraenkel, Directors of the Testing Laboratory of the Royal Technological Museum, Vienna. Authorized Translation by Hermann Fleck, nat.sc.d., Instructor in Chemistry and Chemical Technical Analysis in the John Harrison Laboratory of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, with an Appendix by the Translator relating to Food Stuffs, Asphaltum, and Paint. 12 Illustrations. 8vo. Cloth, $1.25

Van Niiys on the Urine.

Chemical Analysis of Healthy and Diseased Urine, Qualitative and Quantitative. By T. C. Van Nuys. 39 Illustrations. Octavo. Cloth, $1.00

Van Harlingen on Skin Diseases.

A Practical Manual of Diagnosis and Treatment, with Special Reference to Differential Diagnosis. By Arthur Van Harlingen, m.d., Emeritus Professor of Diseases of the Skin in the Philadelphia Polyclinic; Dermatologist to the Children's Hospital. Third Edition, Revised and Enlarged. With Formulae and Illustrations, several being in Colors. 580 pages. Cloth, $2.75

"As would naturally be expected from the author, his views are sound, his information extensive, and in matters of practical detail the hand of the experienced physician is everywhere visible." - The Medical News.

Virchow's Post-mortem Examinations.

A Description and Explanation of the Method of Performing them in the Dead-House of the Berlin Charite Hospital, with Especial Reference to Medico-Legal Practice. By Professor Virchow. Translated by Dr. T. P. Smith. Illustrated. Third Edition. Cloth,' .75

Voswinkel. Surgical Nursing.

A Manual for Nurses. By Bertha M. Voswinkel, Graduate Episcopal Hospital, Philadelphia; late Nurse-in-Charge Children's Hospital, Columbus, O. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged. 111 Illustrations. 12mo. Cloth, $1.00

Walker. Students' Aid in Ophthalmology.

By Gertrude A. Walker, a.b., m.d., Clinical Instructor in Diseases of the Eye at Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania. 40 Illustrations and Colored Plate. 12mo. Cloth, $1.50

Walsham. Surgery: Its Theory and Practice. Seventh Edition.

For Students and Physicians. By Wm. J. Walsham, m.d., f.r.c.s., Senior Assistant Surgeon to, and Demonstrator of Practical Surgery in, St. Bartholomew's Hospital; Surgeon to Metropolitan Free Hospital, London. Seventh Edition, Revised and Enlarged by 100 pages. With 483 Illustrations and 28 Skiagrams. Just Ready.

Cloth, $3.50

Ward. Notes on Massage.

Including Elementary Anatomy and Physiology. By Jessie M. Ward, Instructor in Massage in the Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Jefferson, and Woman's Hospitals, etc. 12mo. Interleaved. Paper Cover, $1.00

Warren. Compend of Dental Pathology and Dental Medicine.

Containing all the most? Noteworthy Points of Interest to the Dental Student and a Chapter on Emergencies. By George W. Warren, d.d.s., Professor of Clinical Dentistry and Oral Surgery; Clinical Chief, Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery, Philadelphia. Third Edition, Enlarged. Illustrated. Being No. 13? Quiz-Compend? Series. 12mo. Cloth, .80; Interleaved for the Addition of Notes, $1.00

Dental Prosthesis and Metallurgy.

129 Illustrations. Cloth, $1.25

Weber and Hinsdale. Climatology - Health Resorts - Mineral Springs.

See Cohen, Physiologic Therapeutics, page 10.

Wells. Compend of Gynecology.

By Wm. H. Wells, m.d., Demonstrator of Clinical Obstetrics, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia; Chief Gynecologist Mt. Sinai Hospital; Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. Second Edition, Revised. 140 Illustrations. Being No. 7?Quiz-Compend? Series. 12mo. Cloth, .80; Interleaved for Notes, $1.00

Wethered. Medical Microscopy.

A Guide to the Use of the Microscope in Practical Medicine. By Frank J. Wethered, m.d., m.r.c.p., Demonstrator of Practical Medicine, Middlesex Hospital Medical School; Assistant Physician, late Pathologist, City of London Hospital for Diseases of the Chest, etc. With a Colored Plate and 101 Illustrations. 406 pages. 12mo. Cloth, $2.00

Weyl. Sanitary Relations of the Coal-Tar Colors.

By Theodore Weyl. Authorized Translation by Henry Leffmann, m.d., ph.d. 12mo. Cloth, $1.25

Whitacre. Laboratory Text-Book of Pathology.

By Horace J. Whitacre, m.d., Demonstrator of Pathology, Medical College of Ohio, Cincinnati. Illustrated with 121 Original Drawings and Microphotographs. 8vo. Cloth, $1.50

White. The Mouth and Teeth. Illustrated.

By J. W. White, m.d., d.d.s. Cloth, .40

White and Wilcox. Materia Medica, Pharmacy, Pharmacology, and Therapeutics. Fourth Edition.

A Handbook for Students. By W. Hale White, m.d., f.r.c.p., etc., Physician to, and Lecturer on Materia Medica and Therapeutics, Guy's Hospital; Examiner in Materia Medica to the Conjoint Board, etc. Fourth American Edition, Revised by Reynold W. Wilcox, m.a., m.d., ll.d., Professor of Clinical Medicine and Therapeutics at the New York Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital; Visiting Physician, St. Mark's Hospital; Assistant Visiting Physician, Bellevue Hospital. Fourth Edition, Thoroughly Revised. 12mo. Cloth, $3.00; Leather, $3.50