No. 3. Practice Of Medicine. Part II. Sixth Edition, Revised, Enlarged, and Improved. Same author as No. 2.

No. 4. Physiology. Tenth Edition, with new Illustrations. Enlarged and Revised.

By A. P. Brubaker, M.D., Professor of Physiology in the Pennsylvania College of Dental

Surgery; Adjunct Professor of Physiology, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. No. 5. Obstetrics. Sixth Edition. By Henry G. Landis, m.d. Revised and Edited by Wm. H. Wells, m.d., Instructor of Obstetrics, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia.

Enlarged. 3 Plates and 47 other Illustrations.

No. 6. Materia Medic A, Therapeutics, And Prescription Writing. Sixth Revised Edition. Same author as No. I.

No. 7. Gynecology. Second Edition. By Wm. H. Wells, m.d., Instructor of Obstetrics, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. 140 Illustrations.

No. 8. Diseases Of The Eye And Refraction. Second Edition. Including Treatment and Surgery and a Section on Local Therapeutics. By George M. Gould, M.d., Editor Philadelphia Medical Journal, and W. L. Pyle, M.D., Assistant Surgeon, Wills Eye Hospital. With Formulas, Glossary, several useful Tables, and 109 Illustrations.

No. 9. Surgery, Minor Surgery, and Bandaging. Fifth Edition, Enlarged and Improved. By Orville Horwitz, B.S., M.D., Clinical Professor of Genito-Urinary Surgery and Venereal Diseases in Jefferson Medical College; Surgeon to Philadelphia Hospital, etc. With 98 Foimulse and 167 Illustrations.

No. 10. Medical Chemistry. Fourth Edition. Including Urinalysis, Chemistry of Milk, Blood, etc. By Henry Leffmann, m.d., Professor of Chemistry in Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery and in the Woman's Medical College, Philadelphia.

No. 11. Pharmacy. Fifth Edition. Based upon Professor Remington's Text-Book of Pharmacy. By F. E. Stewart, M.D., ph.g., late Quiz-Master in Pharmacy and Chemistry, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy; Lecturer at Jefferson Medical College.

No. 12. Veterinary Anatomy And Physiology. Illustrated. By Wm. R. Ballou, M.D., Professor of Equine Anatomy at New York College of Veterinary Surgeons; Physician to Bellevue Dispensary, etc. With 29 graphic Illustrations.

No. 13. Dental Pathology And Dental Medicine. Third Edition, Illustrated. By George W. Warren, d.d.s., Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery.

No. 14. Diseases Of Children. Colored Plate. By Marcus P. Hatfield, Professor of Diseases of Children, Chicago Medical College. Second Edition, Enlarged.

No. 15. General Pathology. Illustrated. By A. E. Thayer, m.d., etc. Preparing.

No. 16. Diseases Of The Sxin. By Jay F. Schamberc, m.d, Professor of Skin Diseases, Philadelphia Polyclinic. Second Edition, Revised. 105 Illustrations.

No. 17. Histology. Illustrated. By H. H. Cushing, m.d. Preparing.

Just Ready, One Volume

A Cyclopedia of Practical Medicine and Surgery

A Concise Reference Book, Alphabetically



Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Materia Medica, Therapeutics,

And The Various Specialties, With Particular

Reference To Diagnosis And Treatment

Compiled Under 'The Editorial Supervision Of

George M. Gould, M.D. and Walter L. Pyle, M.D.

Author of" An Illustrated Dictionary of Medicine;" Assistant Surgeon Wills Eye Hospital; formerly

Editor" Philadelphia Medical Journal," etc. Editor" International Medical Magazine," etc.

And Seventy-Two Special Contributors

With Many Illustrations

Large Square Octavo. To Correspond With Gould's "Illustrated Dictionary." Full Sheep Or Half Dark-Green Leather, $10.00; With Thumb Index, $11.00; Half Russia, Thumb Index, $12.00, Net

The great success of Dr. Gould's "Illustrated Dictionary of Medicine" suggested the preparation of this companion volume, which should be to the physician the same trustworthy handbook in the broad field of general information that the Dictionary is in the more special one of the explanation of words and the statement of facts. The aim has been to provide in a one-volume book all the material usually contained in the large systems and much which they do not contain. Instead of long discursive papers on special subjects there are short, concise, pithy articles alphabetically arranged, giving the latest methods of diagnosis, treatment, and operating - a working book in which the editors and their collaborators have condensed all that is essential from a vast amount of literature and personal experience.

The illustrations have been selected with care, only those having been used that are of practical value; no effort has been made to overload the book with useless pictures.

The seventy-two special contributors - the names of whom are given on the following page - have been selected from all parts of the country in accordance with their fitness for treating special subjects about which they may be considered expert authorities. They are all men of prominence, teachers, investigators, and writers of experience, who give to the book a character unequaled by any other work of the kind.

*** Large Descriptive Circular Upon Application

Gould And Pyle's Cyclopedia Of Medicine

List Of Contributors

Samuel W. Abbott, A.M., M.D., Boston.

James M. Anders, M.D., LL.D., Phila.

Joseph D. Bryant, M.D., New York.

James B. Bullitt, M.D., Louisville.

Charles H. Burnett, A.M., M.D., Phila.

J. Abbott Cantrell, M.D., Philadelphia.

Archibald Church, M.D., Chicago.

L. Pierce Clark, M.D., Sonyea, N. Y.

Solomon Solis-Cohen, M.D., Philadelphia.

Nathan S. Davis, Jr., M.D., Chicago.

Theodore Diller, M.D., Pittsburg.

Augustus A. Eshner, M.D., Philadelphia.

J. T. Eskridge, M.D., Denver, Col.

J. McFadden Gaston, A.B., M.D., Atlanta, Ga.

J. McFadden Gaston, Jr., A.M., M.D., Atlanta, Ga.

Virgil P. Gibney, M.D., New York.

George M. Gould, A.M., M.D., Phila.