Catechu is obtained from the Acacia catechu, a large tree of Pegu, and is in the form of large, hard, and brittle masses, porous on fracture, and possessing a strong astringent and sweetish taste.

Medical Properties And Therapeutic Uses

Catechu is a valuable astringent, and is frequently employed in diarrhoeas of relaxation, and locally in gonorrhoea or leucorrhoea in the form of injections.


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Tinctura Catechu Composita

Compound Tincture of Catechu (catechu, 12; cinnamon, 8, in diluted alcohol, q. s. ad. 100 parts).


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Dental Uses

Catechu is a valuable local astringent in the form of a mouth wash for spongy gums, and relaxed condition of the oral mucous membrane.

Dental Formula

For Hemorrhage after Extraction of Teeth.

Dr. D. A. Rosenthal.

(For Internal Administration.)

Tinct. catechu................

Tinct. digitalis.................

Extr. ergotae fl.............q. s. ad.


A dessertspoonful every 2 hours.

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