Of chloroform, Dose 818 to v, in sweetened water or mucilage. Dose of chloroform for inhalation, to

Spirit of Chloroform - Spiritus Chloroformi - is composed of chloroform, Dose 821 , diluted alcohol,

Dose of spirit of chloroform, Dose 823 to

Morphia And Chloroform Narcosis

A method practiced by Prof. Thiersch, of Leipsic, succeeds often in inducing a perfect. analgesia without unconsciousness. Morphine is first hypoder-mically injected, and in from five to seven minutes afterwards the patient is very lightly chloroformed till near the stage of excitement; the operation is performed; as soon as pain is felt, if the operation is a prolonged one, a little chloroform is added. In this manner not the tenth part of chloroform is needed, and it is claimed that the operation is as painless as under full chloroform narcosis, and there is no risk of danger incurred. Men receive one-half a grain of morphine, women one-quarter of a grain, children one-twelfth to one-eighth of a grain.

Cocaine-Chloroform Narcosis

This consists essentially in the combined use of cocaine and chloroform, and is strongly favored by Prof. Obolinski, of Cracow, who injects either before or after the anaesthesia is obtained, from one to three centigrammes of cocaine; or he injects in the neighborhood of the seat of the operation, and during its progress, from three to seven centigrammes. Cocaine is used on the ground that it is a complete antagonist of chloroform and chloral; but it is not so regarded by others, who represent it to be a general excitor of the central nervous gray matter, rather than a direct and powerful stimulator of the heart, while its stimulant effect upon respiration is not to be depended upon. Prof. Obolinski claims that this mixed narcosis secures anaesthesia with the use of less chloroform, and that vomiting is prevented, and there are fewer disagreeable after-effects.

Dental Uses

Chloroform is employed in dental practice as a general anaesthetic, also as a local anaesthetic, for which purpose it is generally combined with other agents; as an anodyne and antispasmodic, either locally applied or the vapor inhaled, as in the treatment of convulsions of dentition, for which it is a very efficient remedy.

Dental Formulae

For Neuralgic Affections.


Spiriti ammonite, Tincturae aconiti . .

Olei ricini.....

Linimenti saponis . . Signa. - To be applied as a liniment over seat of pain.

Dental Formulae 825Dental Formulae 826

For a Local Anaesthetic.

Chloroformi purificati,

Tincturae aconiti,

Alcoholis . . .

Morphinae sulphat. . . gr.vj. M.


Apply for I or 2 minutes to gum over root of tooth to be extracted.

Signa 827Signa 828

For a Local Anaesthetic. . Von Bonhorst. Chloroformi, AEtheris sulph., Spiriti lavandulae, Pyrethri (fluid ext.) .


Apply for 1 or 2 minutes to gum over root of tooth to be extracted.

Signa 829Signa 830

For Odontalgia - Pulpitis.




Camphorae (pulv.) . .

Tinct. opii.....

Oleum caryophylli . .


Apply on cotton wool, to exposed pulp.

Signa 831Signa 832

For Neuralgic Affections of the Teeth. Chloroformi .... Aquae.......Oj. M.


To be used as a wash or a gargle.

Signa 833Signa 834

For Neuralgic Affections. Chloroformi ....


Olei olivae.....


To be applied as a liniment over seat of pain.

Signa 835Signa 836

For Odontalgia - Pulpitis. Chloroformi, Tinct. aconiti . . . Tinct. capsici . . . Tinct. pyrethri, Olei caryoph. . . . Camphorae (pulv.)


Apply on cotton wool.

Signa 837Signa 838

For an Anodyne Application in Neu-ralgia.

Chloroformi .... Linimenti camphorae .


To be applied over seat of pain, and covered with oiled silk, to prevent evaporation.

Signa 839Signa 840

For Earache of Dentition.


Olei olivae.....


Pour from gtt. x to xx in ear, and close orifice with cotton.

Signa 841Signa 842

For a Local Anaesthetic.

Chloroformi.....part xx

Acidi acetici (cryst.) . part j. M.


Apply with camel's-hair brush, or by applicator.

Signa 843

For Excessive Vomiting and Irritability during Infantile Diarrhaea.

Dr. Jas. W. White. Spt. Chloroformi . . .


Vin. ipecac .....

Aquae anisi . . q.s. ad.


A teaspoonful in a little water for a child I year old.

Signa 844Signa 845

Local Anaesthetic.

Dr. Parson.

Chloroformi.....12 parts

Tinct. aconiti .... 12 parts Tinct. capsici .... 4 parts Tinct. pyrethri .... 2 parts Olei caryophilli ... 2 parts

Camphorae.....2 parts

Dissolve the camphor in the chloroform, then add the oil of cloves, then the tinctures.

Signa 846

For Pain after Extraction.

Dr. T. F. Chupein.

Chloroformi Tinct. aconiti . . or

Signa 847Signa 848

Tinct. camphora . . Chloroformi ....

or Morphinae ... . grs.iij Tinct. aconiti, Chloroformi, Alcohol.....

Signa 849Signa 850Signa 851Signa 852

for Pain after Extraction.

Dr. D. Genese.

Chloroformi.....1 part

Tinct. pyrethri .... 3 parts

Local Anaesthetic. Dr. Frank Abbott. Chloroformi, Tinct. aconiti rad. .


Morphinae sulph. . . grs.xii. Signa. - Used locally.

Signa 853Signa 854Signa 855