Bromide of potassium is obtained by adding a solution of pure carbonate of potassium to a solution of bromide of iron. The iron being precipitated, the bromide of potassium is obtained from the solution by evaporation. It is in the form of white crystals, without odor, wholly soluble in water, and but sparingly soluble in alcohol, and having a pungent, saline taste.

Medical Properties And Action

Bromide of potassium is stimulant, sedative, narcotic and antispasmodic, and, being absorbed into the system, can be detected in the blood, urine, faeces and mucus. If administered in considerable quantity, the action of the heart, respiration, and the temperature are depressed, and although in some cases a transient excitement may be caused by large doses, the effect of this agent is to induce a sound and refreshing sleep, and if its use is long continued, a constant drowsiness is experienced. Bromide of potassium has also the power of lessening the sensibility to pain, especially causing a loss of sensibility of touch in the case of the mucous membrane and skin, which is due to the local action of the salt as it is eliminated. The long-continued use of this agent also causes a loss of motion, and if it is injected into the tissues of a limb, it will cause paralysis of motion and sensibility. It also diminishes the sexual feeling, and the condition which a long course of the bromides develop is known as bromism, which is characterized by weakness of mind, confusion, headache, pallor, and anaemia, uncertain gait, etc.

Therapeutic Uses

Bromide of potassium is employed as an internal remedy in cerebral affections, acute rheumatism, cholera infantum, seasickness, vomiting of pregnancy, affections of the heart, as shown by increased action, neuralgia, maniacal excitement, tetanus, strychnia poisoning, epilepsy, spasmodic asthma, spasmodic cough, etc., etc.


Of bromide of potassium, gr. v to Dose 1314

Dental Uses

Bromide of potassium is a useful remedy in infantile convulsions from the irritation of dentition, and is also efficacious in preventing such conditions by relieving the irritation; also in neuralgia, due to diseased teeth, and in facial neuralgia when congestive in character. When combined with morphine, bromide of potassium is useful for neuralgia of the fifth nerve in the adult.

As its local effect is to diminish sensibility, it has been applied to the pharynx and velum palati, in order to prepare such parts for the taking of impressions for artificial palates, and to overcome extreme susceptibility of the mucous membrane of the roof of the mouth in first wearing artificial dentures. For such purposes the agent is administered in one-half drachm doses 3 times daily for two or three weeks previously ; or doses of grs. xx to xxx may be given, repeated two or three times.

Dental Formula

For Infantile Diarrhaea from Reflex Nervous Impressions.

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Sacchari lactis...........

Ft. pulv. vj. Signa. - One powder every 3 or 4 hours to a child 1 year of age.

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