This work has been prepared by the author in deference to many requests from former pupils, and has been compiled from lectures delivered by him in dental institutions during the past twenty-five years, and notes obtained from the standard works on Materia Medica and Therapeutics, and also from personal experience as a dental practitioner and teacher.

While the author claims the credit of the compilation, he does not claim originalitv in the sources, derivations, medical properties and action of the various articles of dental materia medica which are given in this work.

His intention has been to present not alone his own ideas as to the particular application of remedies, but also those of well-known and acknowledged authorities, and in such a manner as may be of service to the dental student in acquiring a knowledge of this important branch of his profession; hence nothing has been presented in this work that, in the author's opinion, is not applicable to dental practice, and that will not be of benefit to the dental student.

The dental formulary comprises many valuable combinations, and credit has been given, in every case where it was possible, to the authors of the different preparations.

The necessity for an American work of this kind has long been apparent, and after years of delay and promises the author gratefully dedicates this work to his former pupils in the dental institutions with which he has been and is now connected, in the capacity of a teacher.

Ferdinand J. S. Gorgas.

Hamilton Terrace, Baltimore, Md.