The bark of the Canella alba deprived of its corky layer and dried.

South Florida and the West Indies.

Characters. - Large quills or flattish pieces about 1 inch broad; buff-coloured externally; whitish internally. Taste bitter, pungent, acrid; odour like a mixture of cloves and cinnamon.

Composition. - A volatile oil (about 1 per cent.) consisting of several oils, of which one is identical with eugenic acid, from oil of cloves; a bitter principle, canellin, together with resin, starch, and mannite. There is no tannin.

Dose. - Of the powdered bark, 15-30 grs.

Preparation. B.P. It is used in Vinum Rhei (60 grs. to 1 pint). Action and Use. - It is an aromatic bitter and tonic. Given sometimes in atonic dyspepsia. It has been employed in rheumatism and gout.