The prepared honeycomb of the hive-bee, Apis melliflca, B.P.; a peculiar concrete substance prepared by Apis mellifica, U.S.P.

Characters. - Yellowish or yellowish-brown, solid, firm, breaking with a granular fracture, having an agreeable honey-like odour.

Composition. - Cerin and myricin.

Impurities. - Fats, fatty acids, Japan wax, resin, soap, and paraffin. Tests. - B.P. Not unctuous to the touch; does not melt under 140° F. (absence of fats); yields nothing to cold rectified spirit (absence of resin), but is entirely soluble in oil of turpentine. Boiling water in which it has been agitated, when cooled, is not rendered blue by iodine (absence of starch).

U.S.P. If 1 gm. of wax be boiled, for half an hour, with 40 gm. of solution of soda (specific gravity 1.180), the volume being preserved by the occasional addition of water, the wax should separate, on cooling, without rendering the liquid opaque, and no precipitate should be produced in the filtered liquid by hydrochloric acid (absence of fats or fatty acids, Japan wax, resin); nor should the same reagent produce a precipitate in water which has been boiled with a portion of the wax (absence of soap). If 5 gm. of wax be heated in a flask, for fifteen minutes, with 25 gm. of sulphuric acid to 1G0° C. (320° F.), and the mixture diluted with water, no solid, wax-like body should separate (absence of paraffin).

Officinal Preparations.


Cera Alba.

Emplastrum Calefaciens. ,, Cantharidis.

„ Galbani.

„ Picis.

„ Saponis Fuscum.

Pilula Phosphori (p. 522). Unguentum Cantharidis.

„ Hydrargyri Compositum.

„ Picis Liquidae.

„ Resinae.


„ Terebinthinae.


Ceratum Resinae.

„ Cantharidis. „ Extracti Cantharidis. „ Sabinae. Unguentum

„ Acidi Carbolici.

„ Mezerei.

Use. - To give proper consistence to ointments.