A volatile oil distilled from cubebs.

Characters. - Colourless or pale greenish-yellow, having the peculiar odour and taste of cubebs.

Composition. - A hydrocarbon holding a camphor in solution. Oleoresina Cubebae, B. and U.S.P. Oleoresin of Cubebs.

Preparation. - By extracting cubebs with stronger ether, distilling off most of the ether; letting the rest evaporate; transferring the residue to a closed vessel till waxy and crystalline matter has ceased to deposit, and then pouring off the oleoresin.

Dose. - 5 to 30 min. (0.3 to 2 gm.) given in capsules.

Action and Uses. - Cubebs owes its action to the oil and resin. It is carminative and stimulant to mucous membranes. It is used chiefly for its action on the mucous membrane of the bladder and urethra, as in gonorrhoea (p. 446). It is used in the form of lozenges for relaxed sore-throat, and as an errhine for coryza when free secretion has become established. It is slightly diuretic, and has been used as an adjunct to other diuretics. Large doses may produce gastro-enteritis, and it sometimes gives rise to a rash resembling urticaria. The oil has an action somewhat like oil of turpentine or oil of copaiba. The resin is said to be a more active diuretic than the oil, and the oleoresin is therefore introduced into the U.S.P.