B.P. Tin, granulated.

Grain tin, reduced to small fragments by fusing and pouring into cold water.

Use. - Used formerly in powder as an anthelmintic in 1/2 ounce doses.

Solution of Chloride of Tin. SnCl2.

Preparation. - By dissolving granulated tin in dilute hydrochloric acid.

Uses. - It has a powerful affinity for oxygen and for chlorine. When added to trichloride of gold it gives a precipitate called purple of Cassius whose composition is not known. It is used as a test for mercury. When added to calomel it abstracts chlorine and precipitates metallic mercury. When added to corrosive sublimate it precipitates calomel, which it afterwards reduces to mercury.

Salts of tin are not commonly used in practice, but have been given in nervous diseases in somewhat the same way as zinc.

Chloride of tin is a caustic of considerable power. In poisoning by it the treatment would be to give milk and alkaline carbonates.