Write for - 1. Thirty five-grain capsules of quinine sulphate. Directions: Three at time of chill, then one three times a day after eating.

2. Twenty-four capsules, each containing 2 1/2 minims of castor oil and 2 1/2 grains of salol. One every four hours.

3. Twelve five-grain tablets of phenacetin. One daily at

4. Eight one-quarter-grain tablet triturates of codeine phosphate. One for cough when needed. Have name of drug on label.

5. One tube of hypodermic tablets of morphine sulphate,, each, 1/8 grain. Put name on label.

6. Two five-grain blue pills. Take both at bed-time. Send also a bottle of citrate of magnesia.

7. Thirty Blaud's pills, silver coated. One after each meal.

8. Three compound cathartic pills. Take all tonight at bed-time.

9. Twelve glycerin suppositories. Insert one each morning before breakfast.

10. Six suppositories, each containing 1/4 grain of extract of belladonna and made with cocoa-butter. Insert one three times a day.

11. Three suppositories of cocoa-butter, each containing 3 grains of orthoform and half a grain of powdered opium. Make of 15-grain size. Insert one an hour before each irrigation.

12. Twenty-four cachets, each containing 10 grains of sodium salicylate and 2 grains of acetanilid. One with water every three hours.

13. A 10-grain Dover's powder. Take with a glass of hot lemonade after retiring.

14. Six 20-grain powders of bismuth subnitrate. One with water four times a day.

15. Precipitated chalk and sodium bicarbonate, 10 grains of each in a powder. Order twenty such. One stirred in half a glass of hot water three times a day two hours after eating.

16. Fifteen 20-grain powders of sodium bromide in waxed paper. One in a wineglass of water morning and night.

17. Six capsules, each containing 2 1/2 grains of purified aloes, 2 grains of extract of jalap, 5 grains of blue mass, 1/4 grain of extract of belladonna, and 1/2 minim of oil of peppermint. One at bed-time once a week. (Last two corrective.)

18. Twelve pills, each containing aloin, 1/5 grain, extract of belladonna, 1/8 grain, strychnine sulphate, 1/60 grain, and ipecac, 1/20 grain. One each night. (These pills are known to be ready-made.)

19. Thirty tablets, each containing rhubarb, 2 grains, sodium bicarbonate, 5 grains, ipecac, 1/8 grain, tincture of mix vomica, 5 minims, fluidextract of cascara, 5 minims, and oil of peppermint, 1/20 minim (or q. s.). Directions: Two with a wineglass of water three times a day two hours after eating. (These tablets are of a standard formula.)

20. Thirty capsules, each containing 1/30 grain of arsenic trioxide, 1/4 grain of extract of nux vomica, and Blaud's pill, 5 grains - one after eating.