According to the forementioned rules, write out, correctly using approved abbreviations, the following prescriptions. Ascribe each prescription to some person, e. g., For John, For Willie, For Mr. William Hawkes, Jr., For Mrs. Brown, etc., date the prescription, and sign with your own name.

A. Liquids

1. Three ounces of rhubarb and soda mixture. Directions: Two teaspoonfuls in a wineglass of water three times a day, two hours after eating.

2. Twenty-four teaspoonful doses, each dose containing 5 minims of fluidextract of cascara, and rhubarb and soda mixture to make up the remainder. Directions, a teaspoonful in a wineglass of water an hour before luncheon and dinner and at bedtime.

3. Twelve dessertspoonful doses, each containing 5 grains of sodium bicarbonate, 40 minims of milk of magnesia (magma magnesiae, N. F.), and rhubarb and soda mixture to make the total. Direct that the dose is to be taken in a little water one hour after meals.

4. Six ounces of infusion of digitalis, fresh made (recens, recentis). Dose, one teaspoonful with water every four hours. Have the name of the preparation placed upon the label.

5. Twelve doses of infusion of digitalis, each containing fifteen grains of potassium acetate. Directions, a tablespoonful with water after each meal.

6. Sixteen two-dram doses of the elixir of the phosphates of iron, quinine and strychnine, a dose to be taken in water three times a day after meals.

7. Half an ounce of the tincture of nux vomica. Directions, 10 drops in water three times a day, fifteen minutes before eating. With this, order a Barnes medicine-dropper.

8. One ounce of Fowler's solution. Directions: Begin with three drops in water three times a day after eating, and increase one drop per dose each day till the dose is ten drops.

9. One ounce of a saturated solution of potassium iodide. Directions: Fifteen drops in a wineglass of water after each meal. (Solutio, solutionis (fern.) means a solution of any kind. Liquor, liquoris (masc.) is the official title of an aqueous solution of nonvolatile substances.)

10. Two drams each of tincture of ferric chloride, glycerin, and water. Place in wide-mouth bottle (pone in w. m. hot.). Direct that it be employed to swab the throat every three hours, and order the druggist to send a throat brush and a Seidlitz powder. (The English name, not the U. S. P. Latin name, is regularly employed for the last mentioned.)

11. Three ounces of a saturated solution of boric acid. Directions: Use warm in eye-cup three times a day. Order an eye-cup sent with it.

12. Half an ounce each of oil of turpentine and camphorated oil. Directions: Rub throat twice a day and cover with flannel. Send a mustard-leaf also.

13. Twenty grains of salicylic acid and sufficient flexible collodion to make a quarter of an ounce. Directions: Paint on the corn every night.

14. Two doses, each containing 15 grains of chloral hydrate and 30 grains of sodium bromide, dissolved in cinnamon water. Directions: One tablespoonful with water at once, and the other tablespoonful two hours later if needed.

15. Twenty-four tablespoonful doses of emulsion of cod-liver oil. Direct that the dose be taken three times a day after meals.

16. Take half an ounce of buchu, make into an infusion with five ounces of boiling water, strain, and add two drams of potassium bicarbonate and sufficient cinnamon water to make half a pint. Directions: A tablespoonful every four hours. (How much potassium bicarbonate is there in each dose?)

17. Take half a dram of alum and two drams of lead acetate, dissolve separately in distilled water, mix the solutions, add distilled water to make the total six ounces, and filter. Directions: Keep dressing wet. (Unless directed to filter out the lead sulphate formed, the pharmacist would leave it in and apply a "shake-before-using" label.)

18. Take four ounces of linseed oil, two ounces of syrup of wild cherry, the requisite amount of acacia (the requisite amount = q.s.), and water enough to make an eight-ounce emulsion. Directions: Two teaspoonfuls every four hours.

19. One ounce each of compound tincture of lavender, aromatic spirit of ammonia, and spirit of chloroform. Directions: A teaspoonful in a wineglass of hot water when needed for flatulence.

20. Two ounces of a solution of nitrate of silver, 10 grains to the ounce. Put in a dark bottle, and label what it is (in a dark bottle = in vitro nigro or in vitro obscuro).

The following is a facetious prescription, which might be an effective placebo:

A Liquids 162 Aquae fontinalis ...............................................



Hydrogenii monoxidi ......................................āā

3 ss

Illius repetitae.......................

3 j


. 3 ii

Nil aliud .................................................q. s. ad

A Liquids 163 j

M. Et Sig

Ten drops in a wineglass of water every three hours - For nervousness!

B. Ointments

Write for:

1. Two ounces of cold cream. Directions: Rub into skin night and morning.

2. Fifteen grains of salicylic acid, one dram each of zinc oxide and precipitated sulphur, and sufficient vaseline (petrolatum) to make one ounce. Directions: Apply to skin each night.

3. One and a half drams of oil of cade and zinc ointment enough to make two ounces. Directions: Apply daily to the eczematous area without rubbing.

4. Two drams each of soft soap and balsam of Peru with 1 1/2 ounces of sulphur ointment. Directions: Rub well into itching area twice a day.

C. Powders

Take 2 drams of magnesium oxide, 4 drams of sodium bicarbonate, and 1 dram of ginger; mix together and place in a box. Directions: A level teaspoonful with half a glass of water at eleven, at five, and at bed-time.