I. Vinegar (Aceturn)

Made like a tincture, but with diluted acetic acid as the menstruum (the vinegar of squill is the only one oflicial).

2. Emulsion (Emulsum)

A milk-like preparation in which an oil or resin is finely divided and rendered miscible with water by means of some viscous or adhesive substance. Emulsions are: (a) Natural, as in egg-yolk and milk. (b) Gum resin, as in emulsum asafoetidae; the drug contains gum, oil and resin, and on rubbing with water makes an emulsion. (c) Artificial, in which the adhesive must be added, as emulsion of cod-liver oil.

3. Honey (Mel)

A liquid or semiliquid mixture of a drug with honey (honey of rose).

4. Oleoresin (Oleoresina)

A semiliquid ethereal extract of a drug which contains oil and resin. The oleoresin contains the ether-soluble constituents of the drug, the ether being evaporated off. It is of greater strength than the drug itself (oleoresin of male fern).

5. Glycerite (Glyceritum)

A liquid or semisolid solution in glycerin (glycerite of boroglycerin).

6. Liniment (Linimentum)

An oily or alcoholic solution or mixture to be applied to the skin (liniment of camphor).

7. Lotion

An aqueous liquid for application to the skin. There are no official lotions.

8. Collodion (Collodium)

A solution of a medicinal substance in collodion (cantharidal collodion).