Liquor Ammonii Acetatis. Solution Of Ammonium Acetate. Synonym. - Spirit of Mindererus. An aqueous solution of Ammonium Acetate (Nh4c2h3o2 = 76.87), containing about 7 per cent. of the salt, together with small amounts of Acetic and Carbonic Acids.


Ammonium Carbonate is gradually added to diluted Acetic Acid until it is neutralized.


Potash, soda, and their carbonates, acids, lime-water, lead and silver salts.

Solution of Ammonium Acetate is used in preparing Liquor Ferri et Am-monii Acetatis.

Dose, 2 to 8 fl. dr.; 8. to 30. c.c.

Action and Therapeutics of Ammonium Acetate

It is a mild diaphoretic and diuretic, and is used only for these effects. It probably acts in both cases, either on the secre tory cells or the nerves connected with them. It does not irritate the kidneys, but increases both the water and the solids excreted. It is employed in Bright's disease as a diuretic, and in febrile conditions as a diaphoretic.

6. Ammonii Benzoas, see Acidum Benzoicum.

7. Ammonii Bromidum, see Bromine. 8. Ammonii Iodidum, see Iodine.