Ammonii Nitras. Ammonium Nitrate. Nh4no3 = 97.9.


By treating commercial Ammonium Carbonate with Nitric Acid, filtration and evaporation. Nh4hco3 - Nh4nh2co2 + 3Hno3 = 3Nh4no3 + 2Co2 + H2O.


Colorless crystals, generally in the form of long, thin rhombic prisms, or in fused masses, without odor, having a sharp, bitter taste, and somewhat deliquescent. Solubility. - In 0.5 part of water; and in 20 parts of Alcohol.

Ammonium Nitrate is used to prepare Nitrous Oxide gas, freezing mixtures and artificial cold applications.

10. Ammonii Valerianas, see Valeriana.