(Not official.) - The branches of the woody shrub, Fabiana imbricata (nat. ord. Solanaceae).


Peru and Chili.


A woody shrub growing on rocky hill-tops, with plumelike sprays, the small densely-crowded leaves much resembling those of a conifer. The branches and leafy branchlets are resinous, with an aromatic odor and taste.


It contains (1) Fabianine, a bitter alkaloid. (2) A Resin. (3) A crystalline substance. (4) An essential oil.


Extractum Fabianae Fluidum. Fluid Extract Of Fabiana

By maceration and percolation with Diluted Alcohol, and evaporation. Dose, 5 to 40 m.; .30 to 2.50 c.c.

Action And Therapeutics Of Pichi

Pichi is a diuretic of great value in inflammation of the bladder and catarrh of the urinary tract. It should not be used in organic disease. It is best prescribed in combination with an alkali, as sodium carbonate.