Synonym. - Zymine. A mixture of the enzymes naturally existing in the pancreas of warm-blooded animals, usually obtained from the fresh pancreas of healthy pigs (Sus scrofa Linne; class Mammalia; order Pachydermata).




Macerate the cut-up pancreas in water acidulated with Hydrochloric Acid for forty-eight hours, add a saturated solution of Sodium Chloride, allow to stand until the Pancreatin rises to the surface; skim this, drain in a muslin filter, wash with a less concentrated solution of salt until nearly dry; then rub up with Sugar of Milk, dry thoroughly without heat, and dilute with Sugar of Milk, until 10 gr.; .60 gm., will just emulsify 2 fl. dr.; 8. c.c. of Cod Liver Oil.


A yellowish, yellowish-white, or grayish, amorphous powder, odorless, or having a faint, peculiar, not unpleasant odor, and a somewhat meat-like taste.


Slowly and almost completely soluble in water, insoluble in Alcohol.

Dose, 5 to 15 gx.; .30 to 1.00 gm.

Action And Uses Of Pancreatin

Pancreatin has the power of converting starch into sugar, albumin and fibrin into peptones, and first curdling and then peptonizing milk. It will not act in an acid medium nor above 140° F. 60° C.. The directions for peptonizing milk are given on p. 688. It is used as an artificial agent to assist the digestion of invalids and of old persons, or those prostrated by fever or exhaustion. Also by means of this, food may be partially or wholly digested previous to administration. It should be used in combination with an alkali, as sodium bicarbonate, in the proportion of 1 to 4. Nutritive enemata should be thoroughly pancreatized.