Chloroform is extremely valuable in the treatment of this disease, and it is the most effective when used by the method of "deep injection," first proposed by the author. This plan of treatment consists in the injection deeply, in the neighborhood of the affected nerve, of five to fifteen minims of pure chloroform. The official spirit of chloroform, ether, or even alcohol, may be used for this purpose. The first named, in the quantity of fifteen minims, is probably the best. Rarely does any local mischief result from these injections, except a temporary induration. The author has procured by this means apparently permanent relief to long-standing cases of neuralgic pain (tic-douloureux) affecting the superficial divisions of the fifth. Other practitioners have been equally successful, and the cases thus treated now include neuralgic affections of the most important nerves.

Pain in superficial nerves may sometimes be relieved by the local application of chloroform. Rx Chloroformi, tinct. aconiti rad., āā oz ss; liniment, saponis, oz j. M. Sig.: Liniment. A piece of flannel, moistened with this, is applied to the painful part, evaporation being prevented by a covering of oiled silk.

An impending paroxysm of intermittent may be prevented by a full dose of chloroform (3j—3 ij) administered before the onset of the chill. The inhalation of chloroform is used for the same purpose.

A few drops of chloroform, frequently repeated, is an excellent means of relief in cholera. It allays nausea and vomiting, arrests diarrhoea, relieves the cramps, and restores the temperature. It may be given in the form of spiritus chloroformi, or of chlorodyne, a very celebrated empirical remedy. No single remedy has been more efficacious than chlorodyne in the treatment of true cholera.

It has been stated lately that chloroform has a curative effect in tape-worm. The following formula has been successful: Rx Chloroformi, 3 j; crotoni olei, τηj; glycerini, oz j. M. Take as a draught (Persh.)