The gum exuded by Acacia Senegal and other species. In rounded or ovoid brittle tears, either colourless or of a pale yellowish tinge, often opaque due to numerous small fissures. Small angular fragments may occur with glistening faces. Nearly inordorous, taste bland and mucilaginous. Insoluble in alcohol, soluble 1 in 1 of water forming a viscid, slightly acid solution.

Incompatibles, alcohol and sulphuric acid. Borax, ferric, and lead salts render it gelatinous.

1mucilago Acacise

40; Water, to 100.

Acetanilidum. Acetanilide. (Antifebrin.) Dose, 1 - 3 grs; 1/2 - 2 dgms.

Phenylacetamide, CH3CONHC6H5. Colourless, inodorous, glistening, lamellar crystals with a pungent taste. Soluble 1 in 200 of cold, 1 in 18 of hot water; 1 in 4 of alcohol; and in ether and chloroform.

Incompatibles, strong solutions of sodium and potassium hydrate (anilin formed); bromides and iodides, spirits of nitrous ether, amyl nitrite (diazo compounds formed); a red colour is given with tincture of the chloride of iron: forms liquids if triturated with phenol, resorcin, and thymol, and a damp powder with chloral.

Aceta (see Cantharis, Ipecacuanha, Squill).