Dose 1 - 3 grs.; 1/2 - 2 dgms.

C6H5. OH. Small, colourless, deliquescent crystals; odour characteristic; taste sweet and pungent; with a caustic action on the skin and mucous membranes, turning them white. Soluble in alcohol, ether, chloroform glycerin, fats, oils and solutions of alkalies; liquified by 10% of water, forms a clear liquid with 30-40% of water, and completely dissolves in 12 parts of water.

Incompatibles, ferric and mercuric salts in solution, hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate, gelatin and albumin: forms liquids if triturated with chloral, acetanilide, camphor, phenazone, phenacetin, salol, menthol, thymol, resorcin, and naphthol.

1acidum Carbolicum Liquifactum

Dose, 1 - 3 min.; 0.06 - 0.2 c.c. - 90; Water, 9.

1glycerinum Acidi Carbolici

20; Glycerin, to 100.

1suppositoria Acidi Carbolici

Each suppository contains 1 gr. - 6.70; White Beeswax, 13.40; Oil of Theobroma, to 100.

3trochiscus Acidi Carbolici

Each lozenge contains 1 gr. Made with Tolu Basis.

1unguentum Acidi Carbolici

4; Glycerin, 12; Paraffin Ointment, 84.

Acidum Chromicum. Chromic Anhydride (Chromic Acid.) - CrO3. Crimson, odourless crystals, deliquescent, caustic to skin and mucous membranes.

2Liquor Acidi Chromici. Solution of Chromic Acid. - An aqueous solution containing 25% Cr03.

Acidum Citricum. Citric Acid. Dose, 5 - 20 grs; 3 - 12 dgms. C3H4 OH. (COOH)3. H20. Large, colourless crystals. Soluble 1 in 3/4 of cold, 1 in 1/2 of hot water; 1 in 1 of alcohol. 17 gr. neutralizes 24 gr. KHCO3,- 20 gr. K2C03,- 20 gr. NaHC03,- 34 gr. Na2C03,- 12 gr. (NH4)2C03-11 gr. MgC03.

Citrates are incompatible with lead and silver salts in solution, and with quinine (quinine citrate is soluble 1 in 800 of water).

Acidum Gallicum. Gallic Acid. - Dose, 5 - 15 grs.; 3 - 10 dgms. C6H2 (OH3) COOH, H20. Acicular, slightly brownish crystals, odourless, faintly acid taste. Soluble 1 in 100 of water; 1 in 5 of alcohol.

Incompatibles, alkali hydrates, ammonia, lime water, lead and iron salts, oxidizing agents.

Acidum Hydrobromicum Dilutum

Dose, 15 - 60 min.; 1 - 4 cc. A colourless, odourless liquid, containing 10% by weight of hydrogen bromide, Roughly 7 c.c. (2 dr.) contain as much bromine as 1 gm. (15 gr.) potassium bromide.

Incompatibles, alkalies and their carbonates, metallic oxides, silver and lead.

Acidum Hydrochloricum. A watery solution, containing 31.79% hydrogen chloride, HC18 by weight. Sp. Gr. 1.16.

Acidum Hydrochloricum Dilutum. Dose, 5 - 20 min.; 0.3 - 1.2. c.c. - 30.18; Water, to 100. Contains 10.58% by weight of hydrogen chloride.

Incompatibles, alkalies and their carbonates, metallic oxides, salts of silver, lead, and antimony.

Acidum Hydrocyanicum Dilutum. Dose, 2 - 6 min.; 0.1 - 0.4 c.c. A colourless liquid with a characteristic odour, containing 2% of hydrogen cyanide, HCN, volatile and very poisonous.

Incompatibles, copper, iron and silver salts, mercuric oxide, sulphides, morphine.

Acidum Lacticum. Lactic Acid. - A colourless, odourless, slightly hydroscopic liquid, containing 75% of real acid CH3 CHOH. COOH. Mixes freely with alcohol, water, and ether.

Incompatibles, albumin, most metallic salts in solution, nitric acid and potassium permanganate.

Acidum Nitricum. A clear, colourless liquid emitting corrosive fumes, containing 70% by weight of hydrogen nitrate, HN03, Sp. Gr. 1.42.

1Acidum Nitricum Dilutum. Dose, 5 - 20 min.; 0.3-1.2 cc. - 19.32; Water, to 100. Contains 17.44% by weight of real acid.

Incompatibles, readily oxidisable substances, alkalies, carbonates, iodides, bromides, chlorates, sulphides.

2Acidum Nitro-hydrochloricum Dilutum (Aqua Regia). Dose, 5 - 20 min.; 0.3 - 1.2 c.c.

- 9.38; Hydrochloric acid, 12.5; Water, 78.12. A solution containing chlorine, hydrochloric, nitric and nitrous acids.

Incompatibles, alkalies, carbonates, iodides, bromides, chlorates, sulphides, lead and silver salts.

Acidum Oleicum. Oleic Acid. - A straw-coloured liquid, with a faint smell, and a weak acid reaction. Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol, ether, chloroform, fats and oils.

Acidum Phosphoricum Concentratum. A colourless, syrupy liquid with an acid taste and reaction. Contains 66.3% of hydrogen orthophosphate, H3PO4. Sp. Gr. 1.5.

1acidum Phosphoricum Dilutum

Dose, 5 - 20 min.; 0.3 - 1.2 c.c. - 15; Water, to 100. Contains 13.8% of real acid.

Incompatibles, alkalies, carbonates, lead, silver and calcium salts. Acidum Salicylicum (see Salicin).

Acidum Sulphuricum. A colourless, corrosive, intensely acid liquid containing 98% by weight of hydrogen sulphate H2S04 Sp Gr. 1.843.

Acidum Sulphuricum Dilutum

Dose, 5-20 min.; 0.3 - 1.2 c.c. - 8.27; Water, to 100. Contains 13.65% of real acid.

Incompatiblies, salts of lead, barium, calcium (sulphates precipitated); bromides, iodides, chlorates.

Acidum Sulphuricum Aromaticum

Dose, 5 - 20 min.; 0.3 - 1.2 c.c. - 6.98; Tincture of Ginger, 23.25; Spirit of Cinnamon, 1.18; Alcohol,

68.59. The acid should be added slowly to the alcohol and the other ingredients added subsequently.

Incompatibles as for the dilute acid and also water which in large proportion precipitates the aromatics.

Acidum Sulphurosum. Sulphurous Acid. - Dose, 30 - 60 min.; 2 - 4 c.c. A colourless liquid with a pungent sulphurous odour, containing 6.4% of hydrogen sulphite, H2 SO3.

Incompatibles, reduces chlorates, permanganates, chromates, and arsenates; silver, mercuric, and mercurous nitrates; iodides, bromides, chlorates.

Acidum Tannicum. Tannic Acid. (Tannin). Dose, 2 - 5 grs.; 1 - 3 dgms.

C14H10O9. A light brownish powder consisting of thin, glistening scales, with a characteristic odour, and an astringent taste. Soluble 2 in 1 of water 10 in 6 of alcohol, and slowly 1 in 3 of glycerin.

Incompatibles, albumin, gelatin, alkaloids, alkalies, chlorates, salts of iron, lead, antimony, silver, mineral acids and lime water.

1glycerinum Acidi Tannici

20; Glycerin, to 106.

1suppositoria Acidi Tannici

Each suppository contains 3 grs. of Tannic Acid. - 20; Oil of Theobroma, to 100.

3trochiscus Acidi Tannici

Each lozenge contains 1/2 gr. Made with the Fruit Basis.

Acidum Tartaricum

Dose, 5 - 20 grs.; 3 - 12 dgms. (CHOH.COOH)2. Colourless crystals with a strongly acid taste. Soluble 1 in 1 of water, 1 in 3 of alcohol.

Incompatibles, alkaline carbonates, salts of mercury, lead, and calcium.