Incompatibles of soluble lead salts, alkali hydrates, carbonates, borax.sul-phates, bromides, iodides, phosphates, cyanides, alkali sulphites, benzoates, citrates, tartrates, salicylates, meconates, many colouring matters, resins, glucosides, neutral principles, and alkaloids, in strong solution chlorides.

Plumbi Acetas. (Sugar of Lead). Dose 1 - 5 grs.; 1/2 - 3 dgms. Pb (C2H302)2, 3H20. Small white crystals, slightly efflorescent, with an acetous odour and a sweet astringent taste. Soluble 1 in less than 2 of water, 1 in 20 of alcohol.

Incompatibles, other than the above, with phenol, chloral, salicylic acid, sodium phosphate, gives when triturated a liquid or soft mass with resorcin, and with sodium salicylate a stiff mass.

1Pilula Plumbi cum Opio. Dose, 2 - 4 grs.; 12 - 24 cgms. (In 1 or 2 pills). - 75; Opium, 12.5; Syrup of Glucose, q.s. 1/4 gr. of Opium in each 2 gr. pill.

3Suppositoria Plumbi Composita. 1 gr. of opium and 3 grs. of lead acetate in each suppository with Oil of Theobroma.

3unguentum Plumbi Acetatis

4; Paraffin Ointment, white, 96.

1Liquor Plumbi Subacetatis Fortis. (Goulard's Extract). A clear colourless liquid with a sweet astringent taste and an alkaline reaction.

1Liquor Plumbi Subacetatis Dilutis. (Goulard's Lotion or Water.) - 1.25; Alcohol, 1.25; Water to 100.

2glycerinum Plumbi Subacetatis

15; Lead Oxide, 10.5; Glycerin, 50; Water, 36: boiled together and partly evaporated.

3unguentum Glycerini Plumbi Subacetatis

16.5; Paraffin Ointment, white, 82.5.

2Plumbi Carbonas. A hydroxycarbonate, 2(PbC03), Pb(OH)2. A soft heavy white powder, insoluble in water.

3unguentum Plumbi Carbonatis

10; Paraffin Ointment-white, 90.

3Plumbi Iodidum. Lead Iodide, Pbl2. A heavy bright yellow> tasteless and odourless powder. Soluble 1 in 200 of boiling water.

3emplastrum Plumbi Iodidi

10; Lead Plaster, 80; Resin-2.

3unguentum Plumbi Iodidi

10; Paraffin Ointment, yellow, 90.

1Plumbi Oxidum. Lead Oxide (Litharge). Heavy pale yellowish-red scales. Insoluble in water.

1Emplastrum Plumbi. Lead Plaster. - 25; Olive Oil, 50; Water, 25; boiled gently for several hours. An oleate of lead is formed.

Podophylli Rhizoma. Podophyllum Rhizome. The dried rhizome and roots of Podophyllum peltatum. Dark reddish-brown, smooth or slightly wrinkled, nearly cylindrical pieces, several inches in length and about 1/3 inch in diameter, with enlargements about 2 inches apart, which bear on their upper surface the scar of an ascending stem and on the lower surface numerous roots. Odour, characteristic, taste slightly acrid and bitter.

1Podophylli Resina. Dose, 1/4 - 1 gr.; 15 - 60 mgms. The resinous precipitate formed by pouring a partially evaporated alcoholic extract into acidified water. An amorphous yellow or orange-brown powder, with a bitter taste. Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol, and in ammonia solution.

1Tinctura Podophylli. Dose, 5 - 15 min.; 0.3 - 1 c.c. - 3.65; Alcohol to 100: by maceration.